Toni O

Toni O

When my mom died in July, I was already working on a project entitled THE BEHOLDER dealing with women in the period from the French Revolution to WWII. But after my mom’s death, certain events made me realize that my mom should be telling the story and not me. So I’m recyling my notes to make my mom the protagonist as she is Everywoman.

It will take much time to actualize because, before each story, much research has to be done and then that research has to be heavily edited to create a flow. As I finish related posts, I will add the links below:

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French Provincial

Toni O.

Johnny Jump Ups

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The Song in Her Heart

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In Repose

Thinking like a Wave

Works in Progress:

Part 1

Intro to Toni O’s version of history

Crumbs from a Cake (The Improvisatrice)


Olympe de Gouges

Charlotte Corday and Jacques-Louis David

Elisabeth Vigéè Lebrun & Rococo

Fragonard’s Swing

Back to Rome and Napoleon’s Invasion

Angelica Kaufmann & Goethe

Martha Washington’s Slaves…miscegenation, Sally Faifax

Jefferson President, Marie Cosway the Copyist

Napoleon is proclaimed Emperor and Madame De Stael has the hots for him

Marie Antoinette’s daughter & the Bourbon Restoration & hand sewing

Lady Emma Hamilton and Tableau Vivants

Mary Shelly and Co.

Salonniere (Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso)

Ottoman Empire & Lord Byron

Greek Revolution, Mada Mavrogenous (Μαντώ Μαυρογένους))

Jane Digby

Lola Montez Ancedotes

Part 2

The Copist

Ekphrasis and The New Beholders

Kierkegaarde and Regine Olsen

Marie Duplessis

Revolutions of 1848

Marie d’Agoult (Liszt and Sand)


Margaret Fuller and Transcendentalists

Sisterhood in Rome

From American Revolution to Civil War

Queen Victoria

Victoria Hullwood

Nellie Bly’s trip around the world

Mexican Revolution and Adelitas

Russian Revolution


the Need for Social Evolution