Bebina Bunny

Bebina Bunny cover

Before museums and internet, who could affort it collected objects of interest often related to natural history, art, antiquities and/or religious relics. This kind of collection is known as a Cabinet of Curiosity. “Bebina Bunny and Her Cabinet of Curiosities is the story of Bebina who, while sunbathing on Paros, finds a message in a bottle that makes her reflect on how little she actually observes the world around her. Bebina resolves to change her approach to every day life and does so by collecting “curiosities”. These curiosities are not objects but ideas and information that Bebina collects, writes down and then puts into empty bottles.

"The Breeze"

Curiosity is a transcendental experience, it is the desire to go beyond personal boundaries.

Bebina takes a look at the history of women, mythology, nature, the body, motion, vibrations, sleep, magnetism and much more to stimulate her curiosity. Zeus would not have approved.

Prometheus stole fire from the gods. So, in revenge, Zeus told Hephaestus to create a woman from clay, Pandora. Pandora, whose name means “all gifts”, was given a vase and told not to open it. And for a long time she didn’t. But, because of curiosity, she finally did and, in doing so, changed the world.

Despite Zeus’ maledictions, curiosity is not a curse and often a cure. Because it provides options.

Curiosity feeds the imagination and imagination is fundamental for our existence. It gives us the possibility to find solutions because it gives us the capacity to visualize that which does not exist. In other words, imagination gives us opportunities.

And this is the lesson learned by Bebina: curiosity makes the world bigger.

Bebina Bunny can be found on in MOBI and PDF form HERE



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    So how do I sign up for it?

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