The Judas Tree

You know it’s springtime in Rome when the Judas trees are in bloom.


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Aloe Vera with a View

foto by ChiaraPilar  ©
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Wes Anderson Style in Rome near Piazza Verbano

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Easter Sunday

One would never know by looking at a peach pit that there’s a tree inside of it. But there is and that’s why I always throw my pits in a pot. As a result, I have a peach tree growing on my balcony.

Seagulls and our cat, Volver, have attacked my main flower box so the other morning when I went to clean up their mess, I discovered a sprouted peach seed.

In every seed, there’s hope.


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The Aspirin Tree

Weeping Willow, Villa Ada

Not far from our house is Villa Ada, the largest park in Rome second only to Villa Pamphili. Located in the north-eastern part of Rome, it has a surface of 180 hectares/450 acres and is covered with vegetation native to the area. Twenty percent of the park is covered with many different kinds of trees such as umbrella pine, oak, laurel, elm, maple and poplar. There’s even a lovely Weeping Willow. And this willow does more than just weep.

For more than 3500 years, willow bark has been used as a traditional medicine. Within the willow bark is salicin, the same salicin that’s used for making aspirin.


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