Toni O

Toni O

When my mom died in July, I was already working on a project entitled THE BEHOLDER dealing with women in the period from the French Revolution to WWII. But after my mom’s death, certain events made me realize that my mom should be telling the story and not me. So I’m recycling my notes to make my mom the protagonist as she is Everywoman.

It will take much time to actualize because, before each story, much research has to be done and then that research has to be heavily edited to create a flow. As I finish related posts, I will add the links below:

La matriarca

French Provincial

Toni O.

Johnny Jump Ups

We Are Family

The Song in Her Heart

Living on an Iceberg

In Repose

Thinking like a Wave

Works in Progress:

Part 1

Telling Untold Stories


The Improvisatrice


Olympe de Gouges

Charlotte Corday

Elisabeth Vigéè Lebrun

Fragonard’s Swing

Napoleon Invades Rome


Ann Radcliff

Angelica Kaufmann & Goethe

Part 2

Thomas Jefferson President

Napoleon and Madame De Stael

Paolina Bonaparte


Belinda, before and after

George III and mental health

Regency Period (1811-1820):


Molly and Marble

Jane Austin

Stendhal breaks down and creates syndrome 1817

Marie-Thérèse …after Waterloo, the Restoration 1815

Lady Emma Hamilton and Tableau Vivants

Mary Shelly and Co. 1819

Ottoman Empire & Lord Byron’s death at Missolonghi 1824

Greek Revolution, Mada Mavrogenous (Μαντώ Μαυρογένους))

Jane Digby (1807-1881)

Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso, Salonniere in Paris 1830

Giacomo and Paolina Leopardi,, Il mondo non è bello se non veduto da lontano. Lettere 1812-1835 

Battle of the Alamo 1836

Part 3

The Copyist

Ekphrasis and The New Beholders

Kierkegaarde and Regine Olsen (1841)

Anna Jameson in Rome 1845

Lola Montez mistress of Ludwig I 1846

Marie Duplessis (1824-1847)

Revolutions of 1848

Pre-Raphaelites founded 1848

Marie d’Agoult (Liszt and Sand)

Florence Nightengale & Crimean War 1853

Elizabeth Gaskell publishes Bronte bio 1857

Charles Dickens & Ellen Ternan 1857


The Hero of Two Worlds

Maria Sophia of Bavaria in Rome 1860

Margaret Fuller and Transcendentalists

Sisterhood in Rome

Nanna Risi and Frederic Leighton The Burden of Beauty

Rosa Bonheur

Effie Gray & Millais 1855

Victo Hugo & Adele 1856 Stories set in stone

Aestheticism 1860s

American Civil War

Frances annexes Cambogia 1863

Loncoln shot 1865

Queen Victoria

harriet martineau

Jeanne Duval dies 1862

Carlota of Mexico in Rome 1866

Rosa Taddei dies 1869

Franco-Prussian War 1870

Victoria Hullwood 1872 runs for President

Battle of Little Bighorn 1876

The Gileded Age begins 1876

Mary Cassatt and Degas 1877

First Boer War 1880

Eleanor Marx & Bovary 1886

Nellie Bly’s trip around the world 1888

Vernon Lee moves to Il Palmerino 1889

Suzanne Valadon 1893 begins affair with Satie

Henry James & Constance Fenimore Woolson who suicides 1894

Italo-Ethiopian War 1896 & Empress Taytu

Empress Sissi’s death 1898

Wounded Knee Massacre 1890

Empress Cixi’s coup d’etat 1898

Well’s War of the Worlds 1898

Kate Chopin’s Awakening 1899

Wizard of Oz 1900

King Umberto I assassinated 1900

Universal Expo in Paris 1900

Art Nouveau

Mark Twain and wife move to Florence where she dies 1903

The Gaze of Victorine Meurent lives Paris 1906

When love leaves without you the Tolstoys 1910

Sarajevo Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated 1914

Camille Claudel begs to be released 1917

Mexican Revolution and Adelitas “Adelita or Die Lorelei?”

Russian Revolution


the Need for Social Evolution