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Tossed but not Sinking

The collapse of a spire has made me change my plans for this morning. There are tons of chores on my To Do list but Notre Dame has changed all of that. Life without beauty is merely existence. And even … Continue reading

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Oreste Fernando Nannetti

Volterra Psychiatric Hospital c. 1986 Many years ago, while still living in Maremma, a friend of mine took me to visit the abandoned mental hospital at Volterra closed since 1979 thanks to the Basaglia Law. The law recognized the need … Continue reading

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Springtime in Rome

Springtime in Rome means that the Judas trees (albero di Giuda) are in bloom. Pink flower clusters adorn the streets making urban walks a delight. The legend is that Judas Iscariot hanged himself from a tree of this species (Cercis … Continue reading

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Agnès Varda & her joie de vivre

Like Hercules Poirot, she was Belgian. Agnès Varda, film director and installation artist, studied at the Sorbonne with Gaston Bachelard who introduced her to the poetics of space. On her own, Agnès studied William Faulkner and his juxtapositions. Already a … Continue reading

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Awake with Pythagoras

Pythagoras told his devotees: Let sleep not come upon thy languid eyes until the day’s actions have been reviewed. And, if  you’ve done something wrong, you should feel great alarm within. So the other night I got in bed and … Continue reading

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