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Chiara’s Tiara

Chiara was born wearing a tiara. The tiara made her feel special because no one else had one like hers. Chiara was convinced that the tiara gave her special powers. But then one day the wind blew so hard that … Continue reading

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When the beautiful Helen became of marital age, all the royal blooded bachelors raced to Sparta loaded with gifts and clever things to say. The line of suitors was long, the adrenaline of competition high. Odysseus, having a talent for … Continue reading

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“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn I feel uncomfortable. The world is coming unravelled. And at such a quick pace. It’s overwhelming, demoralizing, life threatening. So, to keep from feeling totally incapacipated, totally without hope, … Continue reading

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Uncaging the Bird

This summer I will learn how to express a complete thought without letting others interrupt me. And Iā€™m not talking just about verbal interruptions but about facial expressions as well. Have you ever tried speaking to someone whose body is … Continue reading

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Inside or out…where do I want to be?

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