On the road furniture

Knitted mobile cabinets by Beril Cicek

When I saw Beril’s work featured on Treehugger, it was love at first sight.  Beril, a young Turkish designer studying in Milan, makes the most delightful portable knitted furniture + Beril’s website.

Somehow related: Lace & Crochet Furniture + Cool contemporary crochet furniture + Not Your Grandma’s Crafts + Loredana Bonora.

CROCHETED Daisy Chair + See more chAIrs HERE

Rejuvenating mid-Century Furniture with a twist!!! + Liliana Ovalle…Inspired by Mexico City’s Homeless!!! + Olivia Lee & Alienor de Chambrier @ Mint, London!!!

Baby style file loves: crocheted furniture + Hese designer stools boast a dainty, crochet-inspired latticework design that’s fine and fragile + Warm Autumn Idea: Knitted Furniture Cover ♥ Топла есенна идея: изплетени мебели.

CROCHET COVERED STOOL, Roundy-roundy-Hooky-hooky.

Sophie Degard’s cute and quirky brooches


Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, shipping crate turned into nightstand

Sleeping:  Cubesday: Nap In Your Cubicle With The Nappak + Urban Nomad 2.0: One Year in a Microhouse + The “Hat” resembles a rolled carpet or tent, but you can use it very well as a bed or a chair + City Camp bed.

A backpack shelter.

Blow Sofa is perfect for people living a nomadic life style”, haha! The sofa is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags with a metal rack and rubber straps. It is easy to transport when flat and simple to inflate.

Privacy Pop Tent

Nomadic furnitureNomadic Furniture 1 + Booth 1: garment + furniture = living space + It is not clear to me precisely where and when the Urban Nomad movement started + The first Nomadic Museum  realised by the architect Shigeru Ban – was constructed of 152 steel cargo containers, stacked 34 feet high and combined with largely recyclable and reusable materials to form the structural elements.

The project “Universal House”.

Furniture for the Modern Nomad: Stool Chair by Mariana Folberg

Savonarola Chair.

About Art for Housewives

The Storyteller....
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  1. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    Reblogged this on Kathryn Rubidoux and commented:
    What fun! I actually have a few shipping crates sitting around (don’t ask) so I may have a new nightstand in my future.

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  4. I stumbled across your blog and was so happy I found it! I too am quite creative when it comes to using recycled objects for furniture, although not as creative as you I have to admit. I live in Brisbane and have recently acquired some used car tyres and recycled them into flower pots and old wooden cogs as funky table tops.

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