Resonating with a Rock.

rocksPainted and map covered rocks at my studio

The term “get your rocks off” soon may be obsolete seeing that men are on their way to extinction. But, before our rocks totally disappear, why not paint them?

snake rock Snake rock

cow rockCow rock

cat rock Cat rock [more pet rocks]

One of the reasons why we are in a worldwide economic crisis is, in my opinion, because some people who had more power than brains invented an economy not base on need but on consumerism –a compulsive economy based on spending whether or not it’s needed. As part of my defense for this statement, I cite PET ROCKS.  During the 1970’s (the beginning of the end), advertising executive Gary Dahl invented Pet Rocks and, in 6 months time, became a multi-millionaire as a result. In my opinion, instead of buying a packaged rock, people should have donated this money to an animal shelter. (Pet Rocks are still around and now sell for $11.95).

Product shot of Pet Rock, fad from mid-1 Pet Rocks via Tumblr […]

amazoniteAmazonite…instead of buying a pet rock, I would like to have a necklace made from amazonite maybe like this or this or even this. Amazonite, it seems, protects one against radiation and geopathic stress.  So, if you plan to spend some time at the computer, why not wear one?

prediction-rock-artRock art themes

Rocks, trees and water can communicate with you.  They resonate their vibrations that are then translated into concepts by each of us.

Healing with Stones + Gem vibration + Gemstones Meanings + Healing Properties.

Ringing Rocks are rocks that have the property of resonating like a bell when struck. Ringing Rocks in Montana + Why do Rocks Ring? + Weired Geology: Ringing Rocks.

Australian Original Astronomical Rock Engravings Will Re-Write World History.

Mind of a Rock…

The Melatonin Hypothesis and EMF

ecol Eco-lantern is a camping lantern that functions as both a light and a terrarium as well. I wanted to create a lighting product that could connect and create interactions between people and the environment on a more personal level, and that a lantern acting as a small eco-system for a sapling would help facilitate this idea.

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