Space debris

Bunny space debris by Cynthia Korzekwa
Dr Brian O’Leary, physics professor,  astronaut and founding president of the New Energy Movement, made this claim a few months before his death: aliens have been trying to contact us for a very long time.

Well, one may wonder, just why do they want to contact us? The reasons may be many but here’s one to take into consideration: they are tired of our space trash and want us to stop throwing our junk on their roads.

Not happy enough with junking up our own planet, we are throwing trash into space as well. Space debris is becoming a big problem. Scientists are now asking what would happen if debris collided with satellites or other debris?

One Growing Threat of Space Debris is that it will eventually fall back down on us as has already happened in the past.  In 1997, a woman in Turley, Oklahoma was struck with some space junk later identified as a Delta 2 booster reentering into the Earth’s atmosphere.  Luckily, she was not severly hurt.

So, advice from Bunny:  Watch for falling objects!

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