Rolling Stones, Muy Marcottage and Hot Flashes

gwen stefani with stonesThe Rolling Stones and Gwen Stefani via FB

Last week, Gwen Stefani made an “unexpected” appearance at the “50 And Counting…” Rolling Stones concert in L.A. After  listening to her “Wild Horses” duet with Mick, I felt much better about my own singing-in-the-shower versions of Stones’ songs. And I’m not the only one to give Stefani a bad review.

Stefani, often considered some sort of fashion icon, wore a “personalized” Stones t-shirt. Ok, so she cut off some sleeves.  Wow.  Look, it’s not my intention to dedicate this post to bashing Stefani but take a look at my Muy Marcottage hupil dress below.  Now that’s a sign of true Stones’ spirit!

jumping hot flash

“Jumping Hot Flash” Muy Marcottage Huipil Dress

I made this huipil dress the summer of 2007 using a counterfeit Rolling Stones t-shirt bought outside  the Stone’s concert in Rome of the same year. It was a dress I wore often that summer while on Paros. And, being in the prime time of my menopause, I really suffered the heat. That’s why, referring to the song “Jumpin’ Jack Flash“, I embroidered the phrase “Jumping Hot Flash” onto the dress.

jump'n hot flash

detail of “Jumping Hot Flash” huipil dress

The Rolling Stones logo was designed by John Pasche in 1970 but, despite the fact that it is one of the most successful logos ever designed,  Pasche received only £50 for his efforts.

The logo represents a mix of  Mick’s mouth and the tongue of the Hindu goddess Kali….I wonder if Stefani knows this.

Kali is worshipped as the destroyer of evil and as a compassionate mother.

jumpin hot flash

another detail of “Jumping Hot Flash” huipil dress

Anyway, my “Jumping Hot Flash” huipil dress was made using not only the Rolling Stones t-shirt, but an old gypsy-like cotton skirt as well.  The skirt was pretty worn and had to be patched making it even better. Some of the original sequins were missing but that’s not a problem as one can easily make their own (see link below).

jumpin hot flash

and yet another detail of “Jumping Hot Flash” huipil dress

Recycle to make sequins: earrings made from plastic bottle sequins + hole punchers that can be used to make sequins +

plastic sequins

bracelet made from plastic bottle sequins by Aneta

p.s. I’ve never been a big Foo Fighters Fan but DAVE GROHL is sheer animation!  Loved his duet with the Stones: ROLLING STONES JOINED BY DAVE GROHL AT ANAHEIM CONCERT…maybe because he’s a Capricorn like me?

rolling stones huipil dress

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  1. Sir Joe Works says:

    Muy Marcottage rocks!

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