Livadia Beach

Livadia Beach, Paros

Going to the beach  means, obviously, the need for some kind of protection from the sun.  I use to think all I had to do was spread on some commercial sunscreen and everything would be ok.  However, lately I’ve been reading alot about the negative aspects of using sunscreens. First of all, sunscreens block vitamin D production. Furthermore, they are toxic and, some say, can even cause cancer.

So what are some possible alternatives? Alot of websites offering homemade remedies suggest using coconut oil. However, one site says that olive oil has an even higher spf factor. As for myself, living in a Mediterranean country means olive oil is much easier to find and cheaper to use.



Diet can also help prevent sunburn and protect the skin. So, eating foods that are red (indicating the presence of licopene) such as tomatoes and red bell peppers and foods that are orange (indicating the presence of carotene) such as carrots, cantalopes and sweet potatoes, will help alot.

Eating Omega-3 rich foods such as walnuts and chia seeds will  inhibit sunburn.

And you just can’t dump your skin’s security on sunscreens.Protective clothing and shade are fundamental.  I always go to the beach wearing a long sleeve, loose fitting white dress and a bandana around my forehead. And once on the beach, I sit in the shade of a tamarisk. Many years ago, I did alot of sunbathing but not anymore. Suntans and I are existentially incompatibile – all that effort just for something that fades away.


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P.S. Great info from Deborah of Alamodeus:    Natural ingredients with SPF protection properties: Raspberry Seed Oil (SPF 30-50); Carrot Seed Oil (SPF 30); Wheat Germ Oil (SPF 20); Sesame, Coconut, Hemp, Avocado, Soybean and Peanut oils contain SPF levels between 4-10. Add any or all of these to Shea Butter (SPF 6-10), add a drop or two of Vitamin E oil and you have natural sun protection.

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