Birthday Wishes

we are all related

Today is my blog’s birthday.  Ten years ago, after reading The Scientific Warning of 1992 that starts off with: Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course, I felt the need to help promote that change necessary for the well-being of our home, this planet we call Earth.  And thus the birth of ART FOR HOUSEWIVES, a means of letting me being an armchair activist.

In the past 100 years, the world population has quadrupled.  This means more people and fewer natural resources to go around.  Recycling is an obvious means of protecting our resources and became the focus of my blog.

So why the name ART FOR HOUSEWIVES? As for the “Housewives,” most of us know recycling begins at home—making meals from leftovers, dressing our kids in hand-me downs, mending and making-do are just a few examples of how, traditionally, housewives always have been recyclers.

arte per massaie

As for the “Art”, well first of all, I’m an artist and art is a part of my daily life—what else could I write about?  And secondly, as I wrote many years ago in my book, ARTE PER MASSAIE (“ART FOR HOUSEWIVES” in Italian), “Aesthetics begin at home. That is, the formation of taste comes from the home.  From homemakers.  From our mothers. The way they feed us, the way they dress us, the way they decorate our homes. The way they care for us. Housewives are the first trendsetters we know.  Because our childhood follows us throughout our lifetime, like Proust’s madeleines”.

art for housewives 2011

ART FOR HOUSEWIVES’ look a few years ago

The initial years of my blog were dedicated to tracking down examples of beautiful and functional recycling in order to inspire others to do the same. Few examples, at the time, were available and they were mainly from cooperatives hoping to “empower” women living in poverty. For example: co-ops teaching women in India to make purses from plastic bags, in Brazil to make purses from soda can tabs, in Africa to make necklacesfrom paper. These women, who recycled because they had no other alternatives and not because it was trendy, were my primary inspirations.

Today there are an abundance of on-line shops selling recycled objects thus there is no longer any need for me to promote something that is more than adequately being promoted.

But the revolution goes on!

In the past several years, there is an economic crisis being felt all over the world.  Poverty is at an all time record causing extreme desperation for many.  In Greece, the suicide rate is up 40%In Italy, frustration is making men wacko and, every three days, a woman is murdered by an ex. Furthermore, in the United States, once considered Dreamland of The World, one in four children lives in poverty. SpOOKy! There is something tragically wrong with the way we’ve been living. Civilization is no longer civil. That’s why this blog will have a new focus:  how to create a change in lifestyle.

cardboard retablo

From Cardboard Retablos

The lifestyle that I have in mind is one that focuses on Daily Aesthetics as opposed to material objects. A lifestyle that sees elegance in simplicity. A lifestyle that takes time out for appreciation looking at the glass as being half full as opposed to half empty. A lifestyle that believes in the value of reciprocity and mutual respect. A lifestyle that recognizes the fact that we are all related.

Now I’m not an expert on anything other than myself.  This means I have alot of learning to do to create the change I’m looking for. But while On The Road searching, via this blog, I’d like to share with you some of my efforts towards this change.

Many thanks for reading ART FOR HOUSEWIVES!

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16 Responses to Birthday Wishes

  1. -Aurora says:

    Very cool Cynthia…more power to you!!!

  2. jodydobrien says:

    Great post, Cousin. Happy Birthday “Art For Housewives!”

  3. Diane Stavros says:

    Congratulations, Cynthia ~ and thank you for 10 years of thought provocation and inspiration. I look forward to the future of your wonderful blog. ❤ Diane

    • Diane, I’d like to thank you once again for your contribution. Your willingness to share a very important part of your being gave so much energy to my blog!Mille Grazie!

  4. sonrie says:

    congratulations! I used to read along when you posted on splinder, then I lost you for a while, so it was a great joy to find you again on wordpress. You always make me think about art materials and processes in a new way – and I am a trained artist and art therapist, so needless to say, it comes in handy frequently!

    • Thanks! Yes, splinder greated a problem for me. They shut down all of a sudden–lost all of my archives, too. But life goes on, no? By the way, love the fotos of your garden! And what do you use to make your sun tea?

      • sonrie says:

        sometimes we use a regular tea packet; other times fresh herbs from our garden: mint, chamomile, lemon balm, rose hips, etc. It’s always something different!

  5. Pat Nelson-Jimenez says:

    Cynthia, although we’ve recently connected since high school, I am grateful to have met you at this point in our lives since we both share a passion for art. I enjoy reading your blogs and following you on Facebook because you live such an interesting life. Artists do that you know. Anyway, I look forward to many more years of reading your blogs, etc. and hope to get together over a glass of vino…viva arte!!!!

    • Mille grazie,Pat, for all the warm and positive feelings you constantly send my way. And you are right, art certainly does make life more exciting! Thanks goodness for internet so we can keep in touch until that special day when we are able to meet up for a glass of wine (or 2 or 3)! Besitos.

  6. Sonrie, I will try them all! All I have to do is find a big jar.

    • sonrie says:

      We use a big glass jar with metal lid – the kind that used to hold olives or pickles for restaurants. We have 2 or 3 from a friend who works in food services. Sometimes after we make the tea, then we transfer them to a pitcher or container with a pouring spout. Good luck!!

  7. Tracy says:

    Congratulations on 10 years! Thanks for the interesting and inspiring stories here, I’ve loved your blog since I first started reading it quite a few years ago now!

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