Music on Paros

she played the lyre


Parians like music and live music is a norm during the summer. Last night there was a free concert at Parikia’s Manto Mavrogenous Square by Pantelis Thalassinos, a well-known Greek singer who spends much of his time on Paros. Wasn’t it lovely of him to give back to the island he loves so much?

Yiannis Parios is a well-known singer from Paros.  A few years ago he gave a concert, too.  It wasn’t free but he donated the proceeds towards buying a much needed air ambulance to transport islanders to a hospital in Athens, if necessary.

Generosity is a form of aesthetics.

And every year my friend, Athena Perantinou, organizes the Jazz Academy here on Paros. Soon the port of Parikia will be full of people getting off the boat with musical instruments. It gives a frizz to the air. People who have never met will soon be moved by the same music.

Music helps us connect  to others.

Have you seen the video of Helen Keller at Martha Graham’s Dance Studio?  Incredible!  Despite the fact that she is deaf, Helen can feel the music’s vibrations and moves her hand in tune with its rhythm.

Rhythm is magical enticing the body to move. And movement is medicine.

Music is The Language Of The Universe

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2 Responses to Music on Paros

  1. jo Quirk says:

    Cynthia, yesterday I played Zorba’s dance for my father and danced quietly with his spirit for his birthday. He would have been 91. He died 4 weeks before the birth of his first grandchild 30 years ago. He loved life and embraced multi culturalism with great gusto. He used to dance Zorba’s dance with us as children in the loungeroom til we fell about giggling and kept huge musical scores in his head to help him through some dark times. He whistled whole scores of Beethoven during the war. I rely so much on my iTunes! He would have loved Google as he was a great armchair traveller and I know he would have been one of your greatest fans. Thanks for another great post.

  2. Thank you, Jo, for such a moving comment. Your dad would be happy to know that he gave you the gift of music. Can you image him using youtube? I sent my mom some links on youtube some time back and she just couldn’t get enough. Mille grazie for your positive presence.

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