I wish feelings could be mended as easily as a shirt. And with the same joy, color and quirkiness.


on the beach of Lividia

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5 Responses to Mended

  1. jo Quirk says:

    Mending on clothes should be worn with as much enthusiasm as artistic tattoos. It is a symbol of your commitment and should be worn proudly and draw gasps of darn(ing) envy. Hurt feelings are like raised scars and have their stories too. Stroke the scars and see how far you are from the injury now. Saw a lovely embroidered work to cover holes in a jumper which was all embroidered moths. I’ll try to find it for you Cynthia. What creature would you envisage mending wounded feelings?

    • Yes, hurt feelings have their stories. Unfortunatley, not all are mendable. As to what creature I would envisage mending, well, I just don’t know. Yes, embroidered moth holes!

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