Aperitifs on a Parian Roof



We discovered that we can see summer sunsets from the roof of our house. So lately we’ve been climbing up with our picnic basket full of the basics for a Parian aperitif which means, in brief, ouzo and meze (μεζέ). A meze is a snack served with alcohol generally consisting of olives,tomato and cucumber. Eating food when drinking is always a good idea as it helps you absorb the alcohol.

Last night we had a special treat – after the sunset, the rise of the full moon. Spettacolare! A kind of yin-yang experience.

Full moons release a lot of energy and can affect us in various ways. “Lunatic” comes from the word luna meaning moon so maybe that’s why werewolves come out when the moon is full.

moon calendarOldest Lunar Calendar

The first calendars were based on moon and not sun cycles. There is a synchronous relationship between menstrual regularity and lunar rhythms thus creating a natural bond between women and the moon. Both are capable of  waxing and waning.

fotos via Pierluigi Fagan


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2 Responses to Aperitifs on a Parian Roof

  1. jo Quirk says:

    Hi Cynthia. Another great post. We had a similar experience last month with the supermoon rising hugely as the sun was going down over the city. I have been using an online calendar http://www.google.com.au/url?http://au.rhythmofnature.net/gardener-calendar over the last year and I have found it really helpful in deciding when to pull up weeds or to successfully plant out seedlings. I have done some comparisons and using the advice definitely works better, even for haircuts! I think I am definitely a lunatic! If you look at statistics of earthquakes they are always closer to a full moon as well. Such a lot of energy. It is difficult to conceive of something as simple as reversal of seasons looking at your summer beach photos when we have had such a cold snap in Melbourne but the wheel is already turning and birds are pairing up and nesting everywhere already. 2 days ago I heard the song thrush heralding Spring in his evening song and it is only July!

    • Kalimera Jo! thanks for the info re: the gardener calendar! My mom told me that when she was growing up, my grandmother would only cut her kids’ hair when there was a full moon. Incredible how old ideas have now become new. Are the birds singing? a presto!

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