Matisse, Haiku and Muy Marcottage Etsy


Matisse sat in a boat and drew swans. He drew every detail of their forms just to carve them down into contour lines. That’s what I want to do– to get to the second swan. I sometimes overdose myself with myself hoping to eventually streamline. Too much just to get to just enough. Like Matisee, I want to turn excess into essence.

Matisse swan


swan by Matisseafter

For me, Matisse’s drawings are like haiku poetry…less says more.

Basho (1644-1694) is one of the most famous Haiku poets. His name means banana tree. A name he self-imposed after moving to a hut with a banana tree beside it.

a cuckoo cries
and through a thicket of bamboo
the late moon shines 

muy Marcottage

“Haiku” Huipil

I have opened an ETSY shop, Muy Marcottage, where I hope to sell my many handmade huipiles. Pictured is the huipile “Haiku” made from an old curtain found at the outdoor market near by studio in Rome. It would make me happy if you were to take the timeout to visit my shop.  I’m a real beginner with Etsy and would appreciate constructive observations as well.

Muy Marcottage

Muy Marcottage




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