Animal prints

animal skins

She had animal thoughts… arouse my instincts, she said

Fur is the oldest form of clothing used since prehistoric times. Animal skins were once worn because they kept people warm. Then they were worn because expensive and thus a manifestation of wealth and luxury.

Early America, having access to land greatly populated by wild animals, profited from fur trading.  Unfortunately, this led to the displacement of many Indian tribes as well as to the distinction of animals such as the beaver.

Thanks to the protests of animal rights activists, the wearing of furs is no longer fashionable.  However, during the 1960s, animal prints for women became popular. So why do women like wearing animal prints so much?

Some believe animal prints provoke sexual arousal and wearing them is like saying: Hey, I’m wild, would you like to tame me?  Because, as women know, men like to conquer.

roar huipil

“Roar” huipil

roar huipil

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