Backstrap Weaving- Putting Down Roots and Weaving a Guatemalan Tree (Part 1)

Many great fotos of backstrap weaving.

Backstrap Weaving


It is exciting how much interest there is out there in backstrap weaving. Some people are attracted to all the beautiful pick-up patterns they have seen on ethnic textiles around the world many of which have been woven on  backstrap looms. Others are attracted to the loom itself – its simplicity, portability and  low cost. Some people are interested in the products they can produce using up their yarn stash with this inexpensive piece of equipment while others are more intrigued by the processes involved in the “slow cloth” it produces.

I think that some people may be unaware that most of the pick-up patterning techniques do not need to be limited to the

backstrap loom and can be set up and woven on other looms. I have heard from quite a few people in the time that I have…

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