The Royal Art Lodge

While doing some huipil related research on Pinterest, I stumbled on The Royal Art Lodge. Wow! Their work was so entertaining that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.  The Royal Art Lodge was a group of Canadian artists who met once a week to collectively make small scale drawings and paintinngs.  Founded in 1996, they disbanded in 2008.

Their absurdist paintings are a kind of happy Gothic full of humor and wit.  During the six years they collaborated together, The Royal Art made a remarkably huge collection of art so full of energy and charm that it makes me smile.


royal art lodge 2

royal art lodge 3


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4 Responses to The Royal Art Lodge

  1. Miki says:

    Loving all the wonderful art you bring to my Northwest Indiana home. I feel part of a community that I have so longed for. Even though there are many subscribers, I feel that you personally send me love and art. Thanks. The article about the gentleman was interesting. Makes me want to start my own art lodge!

  2. Thanks Miki! I read where the 3 of the lodge met once a week at a member’s house and would sit together at the diningroom table to draw and paint together….maybe you could do something similar in Indiana? Like a sewing bee with paints instead of threads. Hugs!

  3. Mont Serrat says:

    inspireatrice… e come sempre queste “tipi di arte” me li sento cosi vicine e svegliano in me la voglia di fare… e credere che l’arte è per tutti e in tutti di noi cè molto potenziale creativo da essere esporato ma sopratutto che ci splode dentro!

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