the sea and me


Soon I will be taking my mozzarella white body to the sea.

Thalassa” is Greek for “sea” but it is also the name of a goddess who personified the sea itself.  Some believe Thalassa was Aphrodite’s mother and, in many paintings, Aphrodite comes out from the sea.  The best example is that of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (Venus being the Roman name for Aphrodite).

In the 4th century BC, Hippocrates came up with the idea of thalassotherapy–using the sea as a means to cure both physical and psychological illnesses.

Inhaling the sea air’s negative ions is good for the immune system, reduces stress and regulates chemicals such as serotonin.

The salt in the sea water disinfects and can improve the skin, remove toxins, ward off respiratory diseases and improve blood circulation.

I’m off to be cured!

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2 Responses to the sea and me

  1. maggielemay says:

    Whenever I get in the sea I become surrounded by jellyfish!

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