Trolls and their dolls

Are You A Troll?

Danish fisherman, Thomas Dam, did not have enough money to buy his daughter, Lila, a Christmas present. So, instead, he carved a doll that looked like a troll. Lila’s friends wanted one, too. And thus the beginnings of the troll doll.

By the mid 1960s, cheap plastic imitations of the doll made their way to the U.S. and became a big fad.

A troll is a Nordic mythological creature that lives in caves and is hostile towards humans. Unfortunately, not all trolls seek isolation.  Some live on-line. These trolls are also hostile and like to create discord by posting irritating and provocative comments. In other words, they are bullies and nourish themselves with the bad karma they create.

Are you a troll?

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3 Responses to Trolls and their dolls

  1. faunhaert says:

    trolls change over time some of them shrank and moved under the hill and became hulderfolk. the mistake in getting closer to humans is they developed a fascination with them and transform themselves into replicas of humans, young men are encouraged to look under their skirts to see if they have a cows tail. if they manage to marry the young men then they become free to be their true self and the fellow finds himself married to a troll.
    other trolls became even smaller and moved into the barn and become “Nisse” guardians of the animals- if you don’t treat the cow right you might find your self stepping on a rake and eating your self. others moved into the house and if you put your water closet over where they live you might find your milk curdling when you don’t want it to. people put out treat for their nisse for high holidays and their blessing on the house.
    others shrink even more, and if you don’t clean you teeth the tiny trolls start digging their way in. and you’ll find their family finds its nice and choose a near by tooth. and you ended up feeling the pounding of the toothache troll.

    • Thank you so much for enlightening me about trolls! And now I will be brushing me teeth even more!

      Did you use stumpwork berries to make fabric rings?

      • faunhaert says:

        I did now i have to find where i put the pictures …. they’re actually in an album. “”
        they got hung on pins too
        think i remember variations of them being used on fringes and tassels by Scalamandre.

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