This OR That

Sometimes I'm Good, Sometimes I'm Bad

Relations determine the way we make our evaluations. If you agree with me, then you are good even if I’m wrong. Subsequently, if you don’t agree with me, you’re bad even if you’re right.

Because most of us tend to economize when thinking, we practice extreme simplification—it’s the Either Or Syndrome. We seem to prefer clichés to comprehension.

Was Scarlett O’Hara good or bad? Considered spoiled, selfish, and manipulative, Scarlett was a woman who got things done. That’s how she managed to provide for herself and her loved ones. Scarlett was a survivor and surviving is not always easy. And not always polite.

Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m bad.




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3 Responses to This OR That

  1. Fabys says:

    Devo vedere quel film per capire su Scarlet O’Hara… Cmq è difficile convivere con gente che non ha mentalità aperte e che non veda nel diverso o alternativo un modo fantastico e opportunità per sentirsi unico e aprire i suoi orizzonti.. E si io sono a volte buona e cattiva.. In cerca di Un equilibrio naturale

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