Telephone or telepathy?

Telephone Or Telepathy

One Sunday morning, Mick the Martian called me.  The church bells had been ringing loudly so I was a bit dazed.  He said he generally uses telepathy to communicate but didn’t want to freak me out so used the phone instead.  We made an appointment to meet at the Port Café the next day.

Mick was a lot easier to talk with than I’d imagined.  And he had so many interesting things to say.  Too many to bring up now.  However, one thing he told me regarding mind control really caught my attention.   Mick said I was wasting my time with tin foil hats because the problem was bigger that I realized. The real problem was internet and its capacity of creating propaganda and disinformation. Internet had the power to manipulate minds and turn people into zombies. Furthermore, places like the Utah Data Center are equipped to store and process all forms of communication including emails, cell phone calls, internet searches and just about anything that’s digital.  So more than just the mind is controlled.

Selfie With Mick the Martian

It’s said that aliens can communicate with humans via telepathy.  However, once upon a time, most of mankind probably used telepathy for much of their interrelations.  Instead of words, vibrations were exchanged. However, with demographic growth, telepathic communication became more complex, more difficult.  Vibrations were substituted with spoken words and, once the use of the written word spread, our capacity for telepathic communication diminished.

But telepathic capacities can be reanimated.  Naturally, it takes much practice. And, above all, it means putting down the mobile phone.  Why not attract attention using your mind? Try this next time you’re at a party.  Pick out a person, visualize them in your mind then visualize them turning around to look at you. Keep visualizing with the intent of having the person finally feel your thoughts so that they will actually turn around.





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