A Political Statement

They Tried Keeping Their Balance

In archaic Greek sculpture, figures were rigid with their weight resting equally on both feet. But then contrapposto was introduced where the body rested most of its weight on only one foot leaving the other foot ready for action.

When I was little, my very best friend, Laura, and I never tired of walking on curbs with our arms swaying up and down to keep from falling. Without knowing it, we were learning the art of equilibrium. Because, to keep your balance, sometimes you must counterpose one movement with another.

Too many people confuse balance with stasis. But they are not the same—one is about being ready to move whereas the other is about refusing to move. In other words, balance is about compensating if necessary whereas stasis is about refusing to accept necessary change.

 And this is my political statement for today.


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7 Responses to A Political Statement

  1. Jackie Lantry says:

    I like your political statement. Especially as an American during the time of trump-a fat slob, gigantic, monolithic slab who refuses to move, unable to “counterpose one movement with another.”

  2. snicklefritzin43 says:

    Your post is a most on-point expression of the challenges we face in these times. Thank you for this Sunday morning gift.

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