Rocket Man

Rucola at La Sussurrata

Several years ago, I posted about Vigilant Things and the use of everyday objects, by the Yoruba of Nigeria, to create talismans. These talismans are known as aale and they are meant to warn someone with bad intentions to stay away.  Well, I’ve got some slugs that are annoying my rocket plants so I decided to create an aale of my own.  A Batman found on the beach said he was willing  to help and,  hopefully, use his superpowers to keep the slugs & Co  away.  Update to follow.


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2 Responses to Rocket Man

  1. faunhaert says:

    I love the broken things I read as much of the book I could in the read a selection, protection from one’s neighbor is something I’ve needed every so often.
    in the terry pratchett books, the ones with “Wee Free Men, “the Wintersmith” “Hat full of sky” Tiphany Aching – Tiphany learns about shambles, it’s a batch of things out of your pocket you use to see around you- you add one live thing. I think it is a way of tangling your rational self to see around what is obvious. a shambles sounds like a dream catcher but not quite. this s what I think of when I think of an ààlè. an object with tangled strings.
    I love the vest the little baskets sewn on. remind me of what can be done with stems of lavender “” I’m sure other herbs would make this bundles too.

    crushed egg shell around the ground will protect plants
    or a wee bit of aluminum foil a strip wrapped around the stem a few times
    not fastened so it will allow the plant the grown wider
    will act as a barrier not allowing slugs up the stems because it’s slippery.
    a little butter would increase this.
    I prefer not to hurt the slugs just convince them to go else where
    there are such curious creatures.

    ground cinnamon is a good bug deterrent non-toxic and it smells good.
    as long as you are not allergic to it sigh, like my girlfriend’s daughter.

    somewhere there was the tale, don’t know which american tribe, it came from, but they’d hang a basket up out side the door.
    it was a place for people to leave their troubles.
    the basket had strings hanging so the troubles could be tied/tangled to them.
    people coming in would be freed from those burdens and visiting would be better. people did not have to take the problems back when they left.
    they would be cleansed from the basket by sun and wind.
    same as those nightmares caught by a dream catcher
    -the good dreams go thru the holes fine.
    the nightmares melt in the dawn sun and blow away.
    the feather hung on a dream catcher is to remind you of this.

    I would love to come play with you
    make worry dolls and other fetishes & gris gris.

    one of the stories I just listened to has a grand mother asking,
    “have you no scruples child?” what an interesting word “scruples”
    what do you think a scruple would look like?
    can one gather scruples and have a batch in your pocket
    & give it to people who have none?
    would they be good on a necklace or charm bracelet?
    was thinking maybe it would be fun to get a bag of little candy packets
    and put stickers on them as scruples?
    would scruples be sour or sweet or bitter.?
    someone with out scruples can be unsavory.

    I look forward to see what your scruples look like

    • First of all, mille grazie for such a yummy comment so full of flavor and sentiment.
      I didn’t know about shambles but will check it out along with Terry Prichett books.
      This year I planted some lavender and hopefully next year will be able to make some lavender wands as described in the link you posted.
      And the foil to police slugs is an idea to be tried immediately.
      So now, thanks to you, I will practice making worry dolls and drawing scuples!
      Once again, thanks!

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