Throwing some balls around

I’m tired of being subjugated to the elite’s greed and total lack of compassion for their fellow man. I want to rebel but don’t know how.  On internet I tried researching “guerrilla warfare for everyday life” but, once again, Google let me down.  However, a few vague ideas are starting to materialize. In the meantime, I’m getting the warrior within me in shape, psychological shape.

A warrior needs to feel strong.  Affirmations are good warm-ups (see Affirmation  posts).  Walking helps, too. Not only does it mellow out the stress, it’s also a form of meditation.  But I need more to combat the enemy—I need a weapon! No fire arms for me, though.  So what options do I have?

Finally, an idea. One night I couldn’t sleep because some jerks outside my building were making noise.  I yelled at them to stop but they just ignored me.  I thought about throwing water balloons at them but didn’t have any balloons.  That’s when I came up with the idea of throwing qi balls instead.  Unfortunately, I was low on qi and realized that I needed to get that stagnant energy flowing again if I wanted to fight back.

Part of my combat training now includes making qi balls every morning.

Qi Ball

It takes motion to activate motion. So I start by swaying my arms and shifting my weight.

Qi Ball

A few gi gong exercises help especially if you do them cumbia style!

Qi Ball

First I rub my palms together until I feel the heat.  Then I cup my hands as I move them back  and forth. Slowly the qi begins to form a ball.

Qi Ball

It won’t be long now before I’ve enough qi to throw some balls around!



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