A New Year…once again


I’m easily distracted by new ideas and the desire to make something new. But I spread myself too much like butter on hot bread…I’m everywhere but without structure.

So this year’s resolution, like last year’s, is to declutter my list of Things I Want To Do and focus on just two main projects.


With the above, I just wanted to bookmark an idea without elaboration. But sometimes articulating ideas on paper helps to keep one focused. My two main projects for 2019:

  1. Muy Marcottage.  When I started this blog more than 15 tears ago, the focus was on the environment and the motto was Make Art, Not Trash. These years of bricolage led to making new clothes with the clothes I had already. My version of sustainable fashion is called Muy Marcottage and documented HERE.
  2. The Age of Reconfiguration. This year I turned 65 and entered The Last Chance Years. That huge ocean of time that stood in front of me years ago has gradually evaporated. Time for procrastination has finished but with the realization that the me of today is not that of 20 or even 10 years ago. For example, once I was able to do five things in one day whereas now I often need five days to do one thing. To affront this new reality, I’ve started a DIY Reconfiguration Manuel with text and drawings.

Cool Breeze, the age of reconfiguration

page from Reconfiguration Manual




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9 Responses to A New Year…once again

  1. Lyn Shakespeare says:

    That’s a lovely room xxxx

  2. !The obvious question – Two which are????

  3. Linda W says:

    On my 65th birthday I sat in the car, in the garage and cried. Blubbered. Snot nosed and red eyed. Qualifying for Medicare did me in. It was cathartic but not much fun so after a while I wiped my nose, washed my face and moved on. One of the blessings of a woman’s life is the freedom you find when every year you give less of a crap about what anyone else thinks. Your fun is just beginning!

    • Thanks Linda for sharing this important moment (your first sentence would be a great opening for a novel!!!). Yes, you care less and less about what others think but health continues to be the main concern. My true emancipation comes from being able to create something with my hands….are you a knitter? A presto!

      • Linda W says:

        I knit and sew to stay grounded yet I feel most myself when I am somewhere for the first time. I love Latin America and found your work searching for huipiles. In my blog feed I file yours under “Inspiration.” (Are you unwell? Sending you light, should you care to receive it.)

  4. yes, working with one’s hands works miracles….thanks for the rays of light! No, not unwell but reconfiguration takes much energy.

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