Nietzsche’s Soap

Recycled Soap

I’m afraid. I fear that my children, already grown, will have a difficult future due to the greed of others as well as to the irresponsible indifference of the masses. Because the world population increases as natural resources decrease. It doesn’t take a degree in mathematics to understand the consequences.

Aesthetics is not about objects. It’s about ideals. My ideals lead me to venerate that which I already have and to glorify daily life. Thus everything becomes sacred. Even slivers of soap. I unite my slivers by placing them altogether in produce netting. Then all it takes is just one wash of the hands for the slivers to fuse together and become one. Sounds rather philosophical, doesn’t it. Like Nietzsche, who, tormented as he was, understood the benefits of unity knowing well that fragmentation can lead to disintegration. Nietzsche feared what he saw and what he saw was “that everything is hostile to everything else and all the noble forces are engaged in a mutually devastating war of annihilation”.

If soap could talk, what would it say?

P.S. Babylonians (as in Iraq) invented soap c. 2800 B.C.

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