Just One of the Crowd


In 1885, Gustave Le Bon wrote The Psychology of Crowds describing the hypnotic effect being part of the crowd has on an individual. Mussolini (as did others with dreams of being a dictator) devoured Le Bon’s book. To gain power, all you had to do was create a crowd then seduce and manipulate it. And if you gave the crowd a slogan to chant, they would repeat it until they’d hypnotized themselves. The crowd deifies their leader and, as a god, the leader can make no mistakes.

Once part of a crowd, your contours are no longer your own. You’re just a blur.


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4 Responses to Just One of the Crowd

  1. Rosa Vito says:

    Thus the Orange One’s base. On the other hand, I’ve been in yoga classes with about 90 people and when we all ‘om’ together it’s a beautiful and equally powerful thing.

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