The unbearable weight of being there

Daniela Trezzi was a 34 year old nurse working in the intensive care unit at Monza’s San Gerado hospital. Anyone who has been following the news understands how traumatic it is for doctors and nurses to work in these units. First of all, they are on their feet for hours wearing a mask that, once sterilized, can’t be taken off until they go off duty. This means going without food and water for hours.

For nurses, more so than for doctors, it also means that you are with a patient in the last minutes of their life. Without family or friends around, the dying patient prays the nurse for one last expression of comfort before he’s gone forever. Imagine the psychological burden that that can leave you with. Imagine the nightmares these nurses have at night.

Daniela was already stressed out mentally and physically when she learned that she, too, was coronavirus positive. That’s when her world fell totally apart—not just because she feared for her life but because she felt guilty that, unknowingly, she’d infected someone else. Unable to live with this thought, Daniela killed herself. And she is not the only nurse to have done so. SOURCE

The death rate of nurses and doctors who’ve died because of coronavirus increases every day. But they didn’t catch the virus because they were bored at home and just had to get out of the house like a dog in heat. They caught it because they were in the hospital trying to save an infected person’s life. The life of a person who was a stranger to them but, for someone else, was a family member and/or loved one.

If you are not self-isolating, you are putting someone’s life at risk.

deaths related to illness

There is no international standardization as to how data is interpreted. Many countries base their COVID-19 death count on those who, having another illness, died of that illness and not because of the virus. Italy, however, bases its death count on those who died with the virus even if they had other illnesses as well.

In Italy, a large number of the deaths are those of the elderly. Many have pre-existing conditions so their immune system is weak thus they are easily infected.  (Italy has one of the largest populations of elderly in the world). The chart above shows how only a small fraction of the deaths in Italy are due strictly to the coronavirus. Many countries apparently have a lower death rate because they blame the other existing illness as the main cause of death  instead of  the coronavirus.  It reminds me of how, years ago, many people infected with AIDS were said to have died of pneumonia and not of AIDS.

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a nurse breaks down and cries…after a 48 hour shift, she goes to the supermarket to find the shelves empty


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  1. This is simply heartbreaking…

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