Ride like the Wind

A few days ago we rented a scooter and went to Naoussa to eat fish. Like a senior’s version of Born to be Wild, we were just looking for adventure and whatever came our way. Happy, I wanted to immortalize the moment and, using my tired little Canon, starting clicking away (which wasn’t always easy especially on the curves).

There is no artistic merit in these fotos. Nevertheless, the aesthetics are there—the Aesthetics of Appreciation.

The current day political situation along with the worldwide inability to handle the pandemic fills me with negative vibes. Sometimes it’s a struggle to smile. To keep from wearing a perpetual frown, I must re-direct my focus. These fotos are a helpful reminder that I’m lucky and should know it.


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2 Responses to Ride like the Wind

  1. Lovely sunshine and blue sky and see – it was beautiful to see, and very cheering as it has been grey and dull for many days here in Scotland

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