Cat Glow

Several summers ago, while on Paros, a little kitty adopted us. We named him Volver (Spanish for “return”). Now, years later, it is difficult to imagine life without him.

Volver likes attention and has organized a schedule for us to go by. Generally he spends the afternoons with Pierluigi. But at naptime he is all mine. Once I’m lying down, Volver jumps onto the bed. And, after a brief tour of the mattress, he plops down next to me and begins to purr. His purring makes me happy so I caress him which only makes him purr even more. I can actually feel my facial expression change—it’s what I call the Cat Glow.

Happiness makes us radiant.

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2 Responses to Cat Glow

  1. Yvonne says:

    Thank goodness for cats.

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