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My Parian Plant Propagation

My neighbor Vasiliki gave me some pink periwinkle clippings. That was a couple of years ago and now we have periwinkles everywhere. It is a generous plant and all summer long we have these pretty flowers smiling at us. Now … Continue reading

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Parian Shore

 A melancholic moment came to me as I watched the waves move towards the shore, change their minds, and leave. Maybe I should do the same.

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A Desk with a View

Lucy Honeychurch, protagonist of E. M. Forester’s A Room with a View, arrives in Florence only to be disappointed by the view from her room at the Pensione Bertolini–an insignificant internal courtyard. The eccentric and generous Mr. Emerson offers to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Today is this blog’s 15th birthday!

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We all create magnetic fields around ourselves.  But some fields are stronger than others because some of us have more energy within than others. Sometimes auras interact with one another.  They can make friends or duel it out. And weak … Continue reading

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