Recycled baskets

Julibooli coiled basket at craftser

Ed Rossbach

Ed Rossbach, the basketmaker, weaver, and textile historian who changed the field of art in the fiber medium through his teaching, research, and writing, died October 7, 2002. He was 88 and had been in fragile health for five years + Ed Rossbach’s interest in baskets as a textile art began early in his career. With insatiable curiosity he has probed older civilizations to learn techniques and processes of making baskets and textiles. Through his exploration of rare weaves, netting, plaiting and dye processes he has emerged as a “harbinger of new departures and ideas”. ED ROSSBACH WOVEN PAPER BASKET.

No Boundaries: Contemporary Basketry

Lois Walpole’s blog.

How to Make Coiled Fabric  + Coiled Fabric Bowls + How to Sew a Fabric Bowl + DIY Fabric Scrap Bowl + Fiesta Bowl Time + How to make a coiled fabric basket using clothesline and strips of fabric.

Coiled paper basket + Some Fantastic Baskets! + Recycled Objects d’Art + Basket of shadows + COILED FIBRE ART WORK – ABORIGINAL BASKETS + Cereal box basket/nest + Fabric coil baskets.

Recycled tin can end basket

Inspiration: Liesl Hazelton + Dorothy Gill Barnes in her studio + Lillian Elliott.

Basket by Miriam Gray

Baskets Made from Recycled aluminum cans + Arbel Egger’s baskets.

Kathamuthu makes a laundry basket out of recycled magazine pages as part of the e-homemaker project.

Doug Johnston’s Basket-weaving Method Is An Ancient Precursor To 3-D Printing via abigal doan.

Book Intertwined: Contemporary Baskets From the Sara and David Lieberman Collection.

Recycled Easter basket

Basic recyled basket structure + Planted basket ball + recycled bolga baskets + Traditional and contemporary baskets.

A Woman of Substance basket coiled from discarded silk blouses by Jackie Abrams

Basket weaving update – Carolyn’s Amazing Creation! + Candy Wrapper Magazine Page Vase + Three-dimensional Embroidery.

p.s.: Aly De Groot (NT) GHOST NET BASKETS via Mike McDowell

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  1. coloremartine says:

    i love this 3d embroidery………………..

  2. Ruth says:

    People are so creative! I love the basket from tin can ends.

  3. lovely post.
    i studied basketry with Barbara Shawcroft , and she encouraged us to that everything you can bend can be made into a basket !!!

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  5. Where did you actually get the suggestions to create ““recycled baskets | art for housewives”?
    Thanks for the post -Brigette

  6. “recycled baskets | art for housewives”
    was a remarkable blog, can’t wait to read alot more of your posts.
    Time to waste some time online lol. Thank you -Napoleon

  7. Good write-up. I definitely appreciate this website.

  8. Gretchen says:

    Great post! We will be linking to this particularly great post on
    our site. Keep up the great writing.

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  10. Tania says:

    Brilliant work!

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