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All kinds of crafts mostly created by recycling or upcycling waste and old objects.

More Recycled Frames

Not too long ago I posted about making frames from old books. But, if you give yourself some time to play, you can make frames from just about anything. It’s lovely to receive postcards but often they get tossed away … Continue reading

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Landscape in Motion

Recently I posted about making picture frames from paperback books. And here’s my first experiment. The book frame is small, c.10.5 X 15 cm. There’s still much retouching to do but it’s a quick and easy project. And I have … Continue reading

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Καλό Μήνα My brain won’t shut up. The world around me is making me scream and blah-blah-blah all day long. There’s only one way to get my brain to shut up and that’s to make something. Because the focused attention … Continue reading

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In Praise of Hands

Luckily the tea was strong and helped keep me focused. I was at the table picking the raisins out from my scone not because I didn’t like raisins but simply to have an excuse to keep my head down so … Continue reading

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Smoke in the Eyes

(from STORYBOOK “13 Drwings” ©) -30-

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