Fifikoussout dresses

Being on Paros makes blogging more difficult for me so I make use of Facebook, volendo non volendo, while here.

However, Brod has inspired me to make an extra effort. What intrigues me is the use of one dress pattern and, via choice of fabric, create an infinite variation of styles.

Pattern from illustration by Debbie Powel

See Debbie Powel here.

Gouache & ink on Japanese paper, by Anna Kunz

The work of Brooklyn/Chicago-based artist, Anna Kunz, who has selected 30 of her rarely exhibited paintings on paper for our premiere launch of Uusi Studio. These paintings on Japanese paper are initially used by the artist to to generate a complex, interwoven vocabulary of light, color and form that later become part of her well known, larger scale work and installations.

Pattern from Illustration Leanne Shapton

Leanne Shapton likes to paint trees

No description

Take a look at this dress, too.

Pattern from Illustration by Herta Ko

Couldn’t find any info on Herta Ko but did find this:  Textile Designs of Josef Zotti.

No description

‘New’ Patterns from Josef Frank.

Illustration from sampler quilt by Hortense Horton Beck,1990

Scroll down to see:  Hortense Horton Beck Tells Her Story: I Wanted to Do Something Important.

Illustration from the book
cover The Silver Bridge, by Nura, 1937

Nura, Nura Woodson Ulreich

Illustration from the book cover
project by Julian Montague

Julian Montague

Painting by Clare Woods

There are many other dresses done using this same concept.  I haven’t found any description regarding the process but would assume that these dresses are made using Photoshop.

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2 Responses to Fifikoussout dresses

  1. Monts says:

    Thanks. me gustaron los patrones de vestidos. Especialmente los de Julian Montague y Leanne Shapton.. un abrazo and besitos.

  2. Hazel Terry says:

    I love this thank you

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