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The Twisted Tignon

Between the 1620s and the 1840s, more than one million Africans were trafficked from Africa to the Caribbean to be used as slaves in American colonies. The Portuguese, the Brits, and the French were the largest slave traders. Africans were … Continue reading

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Psychedelic Babes

They knew that people are easily bored and constantly crave new stimulation. So they did their best to animate the world around them. Since the eye likes to travel, they often wore dresses that put vision on the road. They … Continue reading

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Brio and Bon Ton

It was late November and, animated by the chill, I went to see the exhibition of Käthe Kollwitz’ etchings at the Obelisco in via Sistina. How the walls of the gallery could hold up so much pain I don’t know. … Continue reading

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Diana Vreeland’s Travelling Eye

Time moves faster in New York City. Surrounded by masses of bodies always in a rush makes me claustrophobic.  So, for relief, I stretch my neck to look up as if the sky were the Sistine Chapel ceiling. NYC is … Continue reading

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How to Pose for Instagram (and make your life photogenic)

Instagram seemed like the perfect showcase for A Photogenic Lifestyle.  But  if you’re a moving picture and camera shy, it’s difficult to pose.  It’s easier if you first determine what kind of style you want to project then create a mood … Continue reading

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