A Change in Lifestyle

“Poverty wants… imagination” foto via troikanoi

Back from Paros where I had 3 very busy months – much sewing, writing and painting.

The economic situation in Greece is tragic. Many shops have closed as tourism was down, some say, by 40%. So obviously, many jobs have been lost. I recently read an article about the number of middle-aged men who once had interesting, well paying jobs who have been forced to migrate. For example, to Sweden where they now work as janitors. It’s a very spOOKy situation and not just limited to Greece.

The world is rapidly changing and, whether or not we want to, we will be forced to change with it.

Paros fairs better than Athens mainly because of their agriculture. Much food is grown locally and most every Parian has relatives who farm. Also, being a small island, there’s still a strong sense of community. Free lunches for the needy have been organized by the little church near my house so on Paros, despite all the difficulties, one will not die of hunger.

Like most people, I, too, have concerns about the future – my own and, even more so, that of my children. There are no easy and immediately available solutions out there.  Worldwide, politicians, who should be resolving these problems, have revealed themselves to be inadequately prepared and quite often corrupt and only out for themselves. I wonder why we must subsidize those who do us more harm than good. So what do to?

The reality of it all is so complex thus full of variables thus impossible to predict and consequently impossible to properly prepare oneself for what’s to come.

Of course, we all are trying to spend less, recycle for need more so than for conviction, barter and not buy, etc.  And although it may not be much, as a friend of mine says “tutto fa” meaning everything helps.  However, it’s what this economic impotence does to the psyche that concerns me the most.  In Greece, but in Italy as well where I live most of the time, there is an epidemic of men who suicide because they’ve lost their jobs and are chronically unemployed. Desperation multiplied by desperation. SpOOKy.

Survival is not just the domain of the fittest. It’s the domain of those who know how to adapt. So if I can’t change the economic situation, at least I can change the way I affront it.

And that’s why I’ve decided that it’s time for a change in lifestyle.

ASSEMBLAGE… creating with what you have:

Kvanvilet art: assemblage + Linda Crispell assemblage art + SHOTGUN made from iron bedposts + Marillina Fortuna JUNK COLLECTION + MARTIN SANCHEZ BUILDS AN URBAN FOLK OASIS.

Nolasalvage junk jewelery

START: Mirco Marchelli + Paul Villinski: mobile artist studio + RELICart + Hongtao Zhou: bench made of 1000 belts + Luigi Camarilla nasce a Siracusa nel 1959. Si trasferisce a Milano dove ha studiato e lavorato + Ross Palmer beecher assemblage art.

Rebecca Sower

Sanctuary 02 art collage jan 09 + Seasonal Shades Preview fabric collage + What Baxter ate… an assemblage + The shrine is a tribute of a time where men control the seas and seek new adventure.

Kathy Miller’s PERCEPTIONS

About Art for Housewives

The Storyteller....
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7 Responses to A Change in Lifestyle

  1. sonrie says:

    I look forward to hear what you have in mind.

  2. coloremartine says:

    yes we must create and live with what we have…………
    tutto fa………..

  3. rebecca says:

    dear cynthia i thank you for your thoughtful gathering of inspirations. you are a master of bringing delight, interest, thought provoking and ingenious creators together.
    tutto fa…..


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