Dance to be healthy

Change of lifestyle means, obviously, a positive change.  One important factor is that of our health.  To keep ourselves healthy we all know the basics:  proper diet and exercise.  But even the kind of exercise one chooses makes a difference.

Studies show that regular dancing helps combat the risk of dementia by 76%.  Yes, that’s right, a little cha-cha-cha will help keep your mind young!

Apparently, it’s all about neurons. Young brains adapt more easily to dying neurons.  But, with age, we tend to be habitual in our thinking

And habits can solidify flow.  But dance keeps your mind from becoming rigid – it’s the music that tells you what to do and not habit.  This helps keep the brain flexible.

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Below is a video showing some basic belly dance moves. But they focus on the upper part of the body and seem to be excellent stretching exercises.  For those of us who do a lot of hand work, it’s fundamental to keep neck and shoulders flexible.

Belly dancing stretching movements


Below, Kjoo bracelet via bijoux textile with other fabric jewellery.

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