«The mind can deliberately change the way it sees things» – Colin Wilson –

This summer I made many Muy Marcottage dresses.  Well, actually  many were  “almost done” but just needed to be finished.  So, surrounded by plants, I spent many summer mornings sitting on our terrace stitching .  It made me mellow.  And happy.

So what is happiness other than inter-relating with the world around you in a positive way?

Here is the dress “Happy” hanging next to my Clippings Garden.   We found a wooden balcony rail next to the dumpster, took it home, painted it and hung it vertically on our terrace wall. Then we nailed a bunch of plastic detergent bottles onto it where we’ve planted various clippings.  Vertical gardens can be very entertaining!

A CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE, for me, includes the desire to nourish myself properly and to do so spending as little as possible.  Obviously, a garden would help only I don’t have any land, just a terrace so I am experimenting with container vertical gardens.

VERCIAL GARDENS:  DIY Colorful Vertical Garden On A Fence + How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden + Plants on Walls, an easy vertical garden design + Vertical Gardening: DIY Garden Pouch.

Every Muy Marcottage dress has a word or phrase stitched on it making the dress somewhat dilectical, no?

This dress is Happy, Flirtatious and Easy To Wear.


A ruffle has motion and it’s this motion that makes it happy.

Jeans skirt with ruffles + Inspiration : Ruffles! + RUFFLED TOTEBAG tutorial + More RUFFLES! + And even more Ruffles.

Initially,  I wanted nice slick labels for my Muy Marcottage dresses but reconsidered for economic and ecologial reasons. Plus, handwriting your own label is somewhat like signing a painting!

If you are interested in this dress, contact Julia & Co.

Keith Richards singing “Happy”

p.s.  22 Ways to Foster an Economics of Happiness

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