“Frequencies” and Muy Marcottage.

This dress is named “FreQuencies.”

Before being wrapped with strips of red & white checkered fabric, it was a voluminous purple dress.  The variations of the checks remind me of variations in brain wave frequencies.

Brain waves have been grouped according to their frequencies and labeled with Greek letters. Their most common frequencies include alpha, beta, delta, and theta.”

I am fixated with frequencies. “Everything is made up of energy at various frequencies.” Which means that frequencies can affect one’s energy.

Every level of creation is a frequency. One frequency melts into the other, and this is how the process of evolution takes place. The night comes to an end and the dawn begins. At dawn, when the darkness and dullness of the night is over, some inspiring freshness comes and there is a different frequency in the whole atmosphere. At midday there is another big change in frequency; at evening, a different frequency; at midnight, a different frequency. This cycle of change is perpetual, and because everything is a frequency there is sound at every stage.

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This is the back of “Frequencies.”.

The dress “Frequencies” is available at Julia & Co.

If you’re a Treky, you will remember Dr. McCoy when he would repair a broken bone, or blood vessel, it was always with a special handheld device that emitted a certain tone depending on the problem. This would cause the DNA of the area to heal. This work basically the same way…Three times a day and call email me in 60 days, tell me how it has helped you…

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