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Moderate Your Tone

I’ve discovered the pleasure of talking to myself. To avoid being called crazy, I simply refer to this new pleasure as “thinking out loud”. Or, if Volver our cat is present, I pretend to be talking to him. Because I … Continue reading

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“Como La Cigarra”

Volver our cat wakes me up meowing every morning wanting to go outside. And when I get back into bed, the roosters start crowing. When I finally decide to get up knowing I’ll never get back to sleep again, the … Continue reading

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Foiled By The Foil

Like flies gravitating towards honey, the aliens are always trying to get near me and I’m afraid of being abducted again. To protect us from their mind invasion attempts, I’ve made several tin foil hats. They want to read my … Continue reading

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Vibrating With Plants

Day 19 back on the path Since  1953, music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz as opposed to the previous 432 hertz. The idea to do so originated with Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.  Apparently, this pitch goes against … Continue reading

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“Frequencies” and Muy Marcottage.

This dress is named “FreQuencies.” Before being wrapped with strips of red & white checkered fabric, it was a voluminous purple dress.  The variations of the checks remind me of variations in brain wave frequencies. “Brain waves have been grouped … Continue reading

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