Yo yo, yoyos and yo-yos

yoyo quiltYo-yo quilt (vintage) via

Yo-Yo Pillow + Going Yo-Yo + Fabric yo-yos are fun and super easy to make! + YO-YO QUILT AND FLOWERS + Yo Yo quilt.

calamity kim yoyoCalamity Kim’s yoyoS

Product Review: Yo-Yo Maker + Laws of Physics and Fashion: Yo-Yos Do Come Back + Create Texture And Fun With This Unique Way To Use Yo-Yos.

Yoyo a gogo in a Vintage Airstream.

iggy jingles yoyoVintage reuse

Thrifted Thursday. A Vintage Yo-Yo Quilt + Multicolor “yo-yo” quilt + The Pink Fabric Yo-Yo Dress of Doom.

making-yo-yosMaking yoYoS

A free “Sweet Dreams Little One” pdf pattern + Yo-Yo Quilt.

Pillows and InstructionsYoYo Pillow with Tassels

The Bustle skirt tutorial pdf + dress with yoyos + another dress with yoyos + I like yo yo’s at pinterest.

Yoyo vest + Yo yo! + Gathered Blossoms.

Other:  Embroidery play + Embroidery + Frida Kahlo + Embroidery at pinterest + Stuck inside: working on my bedroom.

Look at this adorable craft apron I made! + Altered Clothing at pinterest.

40+ Things to do with Dandelions.

About Art for Housewives

The Storyteller....
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