Mavis Ngallametta and Wonderful Weaving

Mavis NgallamettaMavis Ngallametta

Mavis is the leading elder for the Wik Women Weavers working in Aurukun (Aurukun is an Indigenous community in far North Queensland, Australia). She makes baskets from  found fishing nets, raffia and marine rope.  Before, her ancestors would make baskets from grasses.  I’ve previously posted about making coiled baskets but these made by Mavis have so much soul to them that it was impossible not to post about them.


Mavis NBasket by Mavis Ngallametta

Making a basic coil basket is not really that difficult. First you need something to coil, like a rope, and then you need to keep the coil in place.

coil basket makingMaking a basic coil basket

hose basket

Hose & cable tie basket at Instructables

The Stories of Aurukun, more artists + Brian Jewett’s ticket bowels + basket made from newspapers tutorial on youtube +

I found out about Mavis’ work thanks to Marisa Ramirez’ tumblr.

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