My Parian Meals

For lunch:  figs (baked with cinnamon and sesame seeds), myzithra cheese (bought from a farmer on the way back from the beach) and local red wine.

For dinner: hummus made by my neighbor, Connie, salad (shredded lettuce, green onion, dill) and pita bread. And more local red wine.

Please note the presence of sesame in both meals.  Open sesame“, the famous phrase from the Arabian Nights, reflects the distinguishing feature of the sesame seed pod, which bursts open when it reaches maturity.

When in menopause, women often experience a “memory blackout” due to a drop in estrogen.  Sesame, being a phytoestrogen, can help get that estrogen level up again. So why not carry some sesame seed cookies in your purse?

Sesame seed is also helpful for those suffering from PMS.

sesame cookieRaw sesame seed cookie

p.s.  Open Sesame! 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of This Super-Seed

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2 Responses to My Parian Meals

  1. marina says:

    Thanks for the sesam Tip.I know the wild yam is also very well for woman and their meno pause! Even as ginko biloba for the memory!

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