Summer Clutch

These purses were part of an exhibition, Muy Marcottage, held at M’arte Gallery in Liguria.

recycled clutch purse

Summer clutch

Above is a clutch bag made from a transparent detergent bottle. The top of the bottle was cut off and replaced with a crocheted flap made from “plarn” (plastic bag yarn). It’s transparent making it easy to find what you need! A bit funky but fun!

Muy MarcottagePatchwork clutch

This, instead, was a worn out cosmetic case that I cleaned then covered with a patchwork of candy  and other misc. wrappers. They were sewn on by hand.

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2 Responses to Summer Clutch

  1. jo Quirk says:

    Hi Cynthia! I used to teach kids how to crochet and knit with plarn in the 70s but I never made anything as interesting as your bottle clutch. My mum had a plarn shopping bag which she used for about 10 years and kept patching till it became too unwieldy. I wish I had kept it. I made yarn from old socks the other day cut in a spiral. Not sure what I will use it for yet. Have you tried weaving plastic bottle strips or ironing layers of patchwork plastic bags and lolly wrappers together to make a sheet of usable “fabric”? Tasmania banned plastic bags last week. It will be exciting to see modern solutions they develop to replace them.

    • Jo, when are you going to do me the favor of doing a GUEST POST featuring all of the wonderful ideas you describe in your “cpmments”? I like fused plastic but wonder about the fumes and if they are toxic….and Tasmania? Please, do a guest post!

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