Color Vibration

Color has frequency and frequency has vibration. I like color because it moves.



Above are fotos of La Sussurrata, our home on Paros. The top, when we first got it. The bottom, a few months later. As you can see, the easiest way to change the look of a room is by painting its walls.

Color is simultaneously form (because it occupies visual space) and content (because it expresses mood).

Warm colors move forward and cool colors recede. Some people are warm and some people are cool.

she wore red on red
Paolina Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister, while planning a party at Villa Borghese in Rome, learned that her arch rival was to wear a red dress. So the night before the party, Paolina had the walls covered with red fabric to obliterate the presence of her rival’s dress and who was wearing it.

Sameness neutralizes.

Itten  Chart

Itten color Chart

Itten charts, invented by Swiss painter and theorist, Johannes Itten, show how the rapport between one color and another changes the color itself. The visual behaviour of red next to green is not the same as that of the same red next to orange.

People are like colors. They change according to who they’re with.

Color affects our mood.

I like black because it intensifies any color that’s placed next to it. I don’t like brown. Like wilted flowers, brown is the color of that which has gone away.

Research does suggest that color can affect your being and that your choice of color or combinations of color is significant to your mood. Color preferences are not necessarily fixed and  will vary even within a given day depending on psychological circumstances.

To limit your desire for food, eat off a blue plate because, for some reason, blue is an appetite suppressant. Alfred Hitchcock knew this.  One time he invited people to dinner he considered pompous and offered them food that had been tinted blue with food coloring.  It was very hard for his guests to eat blue soup, blue fish, blue salad. Would you eat an egg white that was blue?

Much of the information above is via Daily Aesthetics and for more color related links, go HERE.

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4 Responses to Color Vibration

  1. Monts says:

    Es interesantísimo el tema del color, la psicología del color como tu mencionas, que influye tanto en nuestra vida y es algo que la mayoría de la gente desconoce.. Aplicado también en cine ayuda a reforzar las emociones y crear ambientes con fuerza narrativa, así por ejemplo ciertos personajes tristes están siempre en escenas de tonalidades azules (the pianist) y los personajes pasionales o los momentos maravillosos del film tienen tonalidades cálidas.. Es impersceptible a un ojo que no esta ejercitado.. Lo importante es ser observador y mirar más a nuestro entorno y ver que emociones nos producen, para conocer mejor las características de la psicología del color..

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