Enjambment and Janet Cooper

Janet Cooper is a friend and one of my favorite artists. She also owns the Muy Marcottage dress “Enjambment” and gave me a thrill by having herself photographed in the dress in various situations.  Scroll below to see some of these fotos.

Enjambment” dress on exhibit, Paros

Janet’s incredible dresses

Janet Cooper

more of Janet’s dresses “Birds & Babies”and “Blossoms”

Janet Cooper

Janet wearing “Enjambment” surrounded by her delightful art dresses at the  Die Formeister Exhibition.

 Janet Cooper’s CHAIRS at the  Die Formeister Exhibition.

 Janet At the MOMA Opening for the Quay Bros Exhibit  (Janet loves hats!)

Janet  wore “Enjambment” while walking the last few miles of the El Camino de Santiago.

The term “enjambment” is a literary term.  It indicates a line in poetry that continues going on beyond a line-break thus, in a certain way, goes beyond its boundaries.  Just like the rows of fabric strips in the skirt of the dress “Enjambment“.  This Muy Marcottage dress was made from a second hand, short, sleeveless dress as well as cut up discarded clothing and netting.  The word “enjambment” is embroidered on the front.  And, as you can see from the foto below, Janet looks fabulous in it!

Janet Cooper

More about Janet in a previous  posts (foto by Chiara Biagioli)

more links related to Janet: Janet Cooper began her artistic life working in clay but also had an interest in creating jewellery made out of recycled bottle caps and tins that she had collected + embellished dresses + I am in love with the patinas of the used and the mysteries of the discarded +


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