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Janet & the Frog Fountain

My friend Janet, artist, world traveller, and age defier was in Rome not long ago. We had coffee at a bar on Regina Margherita before heading towards the whimsical and esoteric neighbourhood of Coppedé. Mystical & magical it is often included in the … Continue reading

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Outsiders As Insiders

Once again, I want to thank my friend, Janet Cooper, for sending me such a wonderful link: A Strange and Wonderful View of Outsider Art ! coat by Giuseppe Versino (1882 – 1963), an Italian asylum inmate who made clothing from braided … Continue reading

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Venice Biennale

My magical friend, Janet Cooper, recently wrote me about about her visit to this year’s Biennale di Venezia.  I haven’t been for awhile because the last time I went, well, the art seemed so depressing and alienating. Contemporary art is … Continue reading

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Enjambment and Janet Cooper

Janet Cooper is a friend and one of my favorite artists. She also owns the Muy Marcottage dress “Enjambment” and gave me a thrill by having herself photographed in the dress in various situations.  Scroll below to see some of … Continue reading

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The Power of Sound and Janet Cooper

When my wonderful friend Janet Cooper was recently in Rome, she gave me the book The Power of Sound. Janet and I both share an interest in self-healing via sound, vibration, frequency and dance.   Janet at my studio wearing a Muy … Continue reading

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