Shoebox loom purse.

I have already posted about cardboard weaving but will do a Revival Gig because I recently finished a purse using, primarily, shoebox weaving.

As you can notice, my technique is what you’d call Laid Back.  Because, not afraid of making mistakes, I don’t let myself be intimidated by lack of know how. After getting the general idea, I just go for it. Rarely am I disappointed as enthusiasm is a magical element for anything you do.

When making plarn (plastic bag yarn), handles and bottom seams can be recycled for weaving as illustrated below.  I weave little squares then sew them onto plastic bags cut into squares which, in turn, are sewn together. I like purses to be sturdy so I sewed the patchwork squares onto an empty wine carton.  The handles and the covering for the top of the purse pictured were made by using plastic bag crochet. Stitching with regular thread was added as a form of extra embellishment.



loom1 loom2



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