Mending one’s faith in their fellowman

drawing by Korzekwa

We are living in a time of great transition which often is very spOOKy. Watching TV news has become a source of anxiety because it’s an overdose of the Wierd and the Wicked. Being surrounded by so much negative energy is fatiguing and depleting.  Luckily, little bursts of joy can occur when we realize that there are many people out there who can make us hope again.  The other day I came across the site FAITH RESTORING and sighed with relief–it’s nice to know that kindness is not dead.

michael swaine

Michael Swaine

Michael Swaine is another Faith Restorer.  He has a treadle sewing machine mounted on a cart  (“sewmobile”)  so that he can take it to an alley in San Francisco where, once a month, he repairs clothes free of charge.  Michael is a ceramics and performance artist who extended his creativity to create a project called Reap What You Sew thus creating a collaboration between the artist and those whose clothes he repaired and an opportunity to create social interaction where there would otherwise be none.

more Michael: Michael Swaine’s Free “Mending Library” Repairs Clothes, Community +  In the episode “Street Art,” Spark visits the artist in action as he makes his monthly rounds + Door to Door Darning: Michael Swaine + Michael Swaine is currently building the Free Mending Library in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco


more mending:  Living Well: 4 Secrets to a Well-Mended Wardrobe + Creative mendingBasic Mending suggestions + 11 Cool Ways to Reuse Old Jeans in comic form by 

jean patch

jean patch, fix for a hole in the knee of jeans

hem jeans

hem your jeans tutorial (easiest way ever!)


mending techniques as a form of art —” She Who Becomes Between Awake and Dreaming” by Milliande Demetriou

a poem about mending, kinda: Mending Wall BY ROBERT FROST

drawingp.s.  REPAIR | THE HAND-DARN via + mended pants + more mended pants +quick and messy hand darning +

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  1. Mont Serrat says:

    Bravo!! // uomo creativo… queste non sono cose solo di donne! 😉

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